Advantages to ordinary software solutions

  • Secret keys are always safely stored on the Cryptoboss. It is impossible extract them. All sensitive crypto graphical aspects are securely saved on the Cryptoboss
  • You pick your own password to open it. This means you are being protected from loss, theft and brute force attacks to learn your pass word.
  • It is immune to computer viruses, Trojan horses, phishing and other malware
  • The design itself protects it from attacks in laboratories.
  • Secret keys can be generated safely on the Cryptoboss in order to protect them from attacks from elsewhere


Advantages to proprietary software solutions

  • Its safety can be verified by you and independent parties in order to make sure there are no backdoors
  • Secret keys are generated by you instead of the shop or producer.
  • It can be used on a large number of software packages such as Claws Mail, Wickr, Libre Office, VeraCrypt and Tor Browser.
  • It is very simple to install your own programmes, because Cryptoboss uses open system.
  • Cryptoboss is not dependant on a specific shop or company, which means it is a safe investment
  • Its security is completely stored on the USB-stick itself. You are not dependant on us.
  • By its growing number of users its safety is enhanced and users will be able to help each other through reviews.
  • Transparent and open development through open source


Standard security is not safe enough

  • In 2011 the RSA Inc was cracked and all of their SecurIDs were stolen. Which means it is possible to crack them.
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified USB-sticks by Kingston, SanDisk, Verbatim, MXI and PICO are easy to crack, for they were using simple password (this was exposed in 2010).

How Cryptoboss outsmarts its competition

High grade security

Your secret keys are always stored on this extremely high grade USB-stick. They are immune to viruses, loss and theft. RSA keys up to 4096 bit and AES-256 are being supported.

Open source

Their hardware and software are open source and can be tested by independent parties. There are no hidden backdoors.

No back doors, no NSA

Installed firmware can be exported and verified. This prevents attackers from inserting backdoors e.g. during shipping. Cryptoboss is open source and free of backdoors. Secret keys are just generated by you. No secrets are revealed to us.

Plausible explanation  

The only hardware solution with hidden encrypted storage. This gives you an excuse for denying the existence of secured data, for instance during security checks at the border.